Female Leadership

A coaching program for women in business who want to break the burnout cycle, build confidence & skills, and become inspiring courageous leaders.

Led by Martina Rios, our female leadership coaching program will take you on an 8-step journey of self-discovery and learning to help you master your leadership skills and achieve success– both in your business and personal life.

Delivered across 8 consultations, each 1-on-1 session will help you to expand, shift and active your inner leader while you coach guides you on how to put your new insights into practice.

How it works

Sessions can be scheduled either fortnightly or monthly to work around your busy schedule. Here’s a breakdown of each of the 8 sessions:

Session 1: Awareness

Who Am I currently being?’ Is the first question we explore together by looking at the life & business roles and responsibilities you are taking on within your personal & professional landscape. The process starts with building awareness and acknowledging ‘what is’ first.

Session 1: Connection

The next session is about reconnecting to yourself and identifying your authentic strengths, limitations such as low-confidence areas, as well as getting clear on your personal values and their alignment to the cause you are leading.

Session 3: Clarity

Get clear on what type of leader you want to be, how you can fulfill your role and the business requirements in an authentic way, while fostering a sustainable and innovative team and business environment.

Session 4: Courage

The focus of this session lies in how to be a courageous leader by identifying what belief systems, social barriers and mental models may hold you back from stepping into your fuller leadership potential.

Session 5: Trust

Learn to make confident and conscious decisions by leveraging both Intuition and Mind as tools to help lead with EQ through challenging or uncertain times, while avoiding burn out.

Session 6: Integrity

Take ownership and hone in on your leadership mindset and learn how it can support you in the fulfilment of your role and responsibilities, while leading with intent and confidence.

Session 7: Systemic

With a systemic viewpoint we will dive deeper into understanding the purpose and perception of your role and identify any hidden dynamics within your business or team environment that may require resolving.

Session 8: Conviction

The last session focuses on communication and motivational tools, by circling communication archetypes, effective presenting and storytelling and how to foster a motivated and  purpose-driven team culture.

How is the Impactful Leadership Program delivered?

In one-to-one coaching format you will attend 8 x 90 min consultations in person (Gold Coast and Brisbane) or online. You will also have access to your coach and accountability partner via email for support seeking questions, to help you achieve your in-between session goals. Your coach will be present during the sessions to discuss your wins and challenges, guide you through the session objective, share tools and insights and offer additional support material if you wish to work on.

What progress can I expect during the program?

Personal and professional development takes time. The process of building awareness through reflection, gaining insights by observation, and embracing newly learned concepts is immensely rewarding, but also demanding of your time and effort.

In order to truly integrate and master new developmental tools and skillsets, you need to be ready to commit to yourself. In order to support you in this, we have built in extended sessions (90-minutes). In between sessions you will practise implementation and experimentation, which is where lasting progress comes into fruition; therefore, progress really depends on your commitment to yourself.

On completion of the leadership program, you have the option to continue onto a coaching retainer contract, tailored to your requirements.

How much will it cost?

$3600 + GST

  • Identify your subconscious success blockers and how they effect your business dynamic and decisions
  • Break the cycle of stress & burnout and learn to step into a reflective and balanced decision-making model
  • Adapt meaningful goal setting strategies that are in alignment with your business vision
  • Assign an impactful and effective communication style
  • Define and step into your authentic leadership style and lead others with passion, purpose, and conviction
  • Build confidence and become an inspiring courageous leader
Who is this program for?

This female coaching program is for women in business who are in a leadership role, managing a team, running their own business and who want to lead themselves and their teams with positive impact.

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Martina Rios

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