Heart-Centred Executive
Coaching Program

Caring, heart-powered coaching connecting you to your aspirations and the realities of who you are.

Join executive coach Trish Coleman in co-creating your personal goal-orientated journey supported by systematic thinking practices that enable progress and build natural momentum. Learn to grow in alignment with your purpose and values, reignite your passion for life and maximise your professional performance.

This program is ideal for those who resonate with any of the below:

  • You’re a leader on the outside, but inside you feel the need to renew, reset and connect to what you are truly about and the difference you still want to make in the world.
  • You feel like your career is stagnant – but you’re driven by a burning desire to keep growing, learning, and developing.
  • You’re an emerging leader who needs to create a development pathway to get to where you want to go (GM, CEO, or simply individuals wanting to attain their first board positions / higher roles).
  • As a founder or entrepreneur, you’re unhappy in your current role and are seeking to clarify your values and inner purpose.
  • You feel stuck in a rut and need clarity around professional goals (and possible personal goals to aim for your ideal work-life balance).
  • You’re time-poor, experiencing burnout and need care and support to recharge.
  • You’re unable to get clarity or see past roadblocks preventing you from getting to where you want to be.
How it works
Words from Trish:

“I bring a deep sense of care for who you are as a person and the role you have in your work. I have a holistic, and sometimes transformational approach, centred on heart thinking,  supporting my clients to identify their purpose, and achieve goals that align with their purpose and values, reigniting their passions both personally and professionally.

Throughout our journey together, I complement our heart explorations with a goal-oriented approach drawing upon academic skills, applying a variety of research based, psychological models, analytical frameworks, and accredited psychometric assessment tools.

My essence is about building trust with you, exploring possibilities, and unearthing, your relevant meaningful objectives.  Together, we then develop and implement a plan based upon agreed objectives and review progress constantly over our coaching journey.

I love to connect meaningfully with professionals, reigniting their passions, reshaping their lives, and reinvigorating their careers as the foundations for a purpose-led life.

I was born in Ireland and migrated to Australia in 1995. I have over ten years’ experience as an executive coach and twenty years of both public and corporate experience, including three years within government in Ireland, seven years in SMEs, eight years with Macquarie Bank, and two years with an Australian fund management company.

I have completed a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology with distinction (University of Sydney), a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with distinction (Macquarie University) and a Bachelor of Arts in Business (Charles Sturt).”

Q; How long is the Executive Coaching Program?

6-12-months is the recommended coaching engagement – leadership and personal development take time.

Q: What are your General Coaching Success Guidelines?

The Coaching Process

Coaching can help you identify and meet the goals that you have both for your professional and personal life. It is the coach’s objective to motivate you and hold you accountable for achieving your goals. From an external perspective, a coach may be able to identify areas of concern that you are not able to discern. In that sense, the process raises your awareness to different ways forward and helps you identify alternative options. My program is centred on 1-to-1 coaching. This creates a rare opportunity to focus not only on developing deep leadership and management skills but also creates a space to be supported in challenges that are right in front of you now.

What is Expected of you, the Client

The client is expected to attend each session on time and ready to work. They may need to be open to changes in their goals as the coaching process evolves. Coaches are not judgmental but impartial. To that end, I may ask the tough questions and expect honest answers. As mentioned, my role is to partner with you, guide you, challenge you, support you and keep you accountable and motivated, however the process of achieving desired outcomes is your responsibility.

What is Expected of me, the Coach

As your coach I will be open and honest with you. I will challenge your thoughts, help you identify challenges, craft solutions, and support you in their execution. The initial focus will be on identifying your values, strengths, purpose and setting some clear goals. As a coach I will draw upon my skills to ask the right questions and where relevant mentor you, introduce new ideas and develop relevant skills for your personal and professional life.

For a coaching assignment to be successful you need a few ingredients:

  • A willingness to grow with an open mindset and a commitment to the process
  • An experienced coach
  • A clear set of goals
  • The development of a strong bond of trust to ensure that our dialogue is rich with open and honest reflection
  • Momentum in our meeting and action processes

My commitment is to support you and our focus will always be on your growth and development as relevant to your goals.

Q: Do you offer coaching online?

Yes. I also offer in-person sessions based on the Gold Coast, or a hybrid blend of both. For those wanting in-person coaching, I can meet onsite where there is a quiet and private space or at an agreed alternative outside location.

Q: What are your differentials?

I truly listen.

I believe a fun, friendly and supportive coaching journey is what’s required to help you realise your career potential. I also won’t shy away from applying critical thinking to help you rise above challenges. I really get to know you, am committed to your success and accountable to the goals we set together.

Qualified in Psychology and Business.

This gives me a unique ability to use both sides of the brain in my approach to professional coaching, the logical and analytical side, and the more emotional and supportive side. I use psychological models and analytical tools to help you identify your goals, opportunities, and challenges.

Solution-focused approach.

My holistic, goal-oriented approach is aspirational but grounded in what’s realistic for each client. This involves implementing a plan and reviewing progress over our coaching journey, rather than offering ‘set and forget’ recommendations.

What support will our developing leaders get outside the coaching?

I am always available to support with a call or email between sessions.

Q: How long is each coaching session?

Coaching sessions last 1.5 hours. Coachees put their learning directly into practice in between sessions. A part of the coach’s role is to hold the coachee accountable for the commitments they make.

Q: How much will it cost?

Programs are custom designed to match the investment the owner or leader wishes to make. Coaching-only programs start at $6,000 for a year (10 monthly sessions).

Steph — CEO, Founder and Board Member

“I met Trish when I asked our Board of Directors for a 360-degree review of myself as I had started up and ran my own organisation for 8 years. When I first met Trish she instantly put me at ease and helped me through the process explaining everything and keeping our board informed on my progress.

She then became my business and leadership coach and worked with me for about a year. Trish has been absolutely brilliant in helping me through some very big decisions that affected my role and relationships with key stakeholders. She was professional, caring, gave me wonderful reading/extra materials and much needed advice at this fork in the road of my professional life.

She is a fantastic listener, asks the right questions and is able to give you a great perspective based on her years of experience working with her clients. I would highly recommend Trish to anyone who needs some guidance at any point in his or her professional careers. Thank you, Trish.”

Darren Rudd

“Over the last 5 years Trish has coached me through some of the biggest decisions I have made in my life. She is a true professional, well plugged into the issues affecting careers, networking, leadership and development in a very considered and tailored way.

I have now identified key goals for the next 12 months having already accomplished one of my major goals of landing my ideal role as CEO. This program has helped me clarify another 3 goals and the steps I need to take to achieve them. Thank you so much Trish for your help over last 5 years and for always knowing the right material to introduce at the right time.

I wholeheartedly recommend Trish for executive leadership and development coaching, facilitation, team coaching and career coaching etc. I would be more than happy to speak with you and to elaborate further on my amazing and life changing coaching experience.”

Kelly Lawson — Accountability Group

“I have worked with Trish and found her to be a masterful coach gifted with great listening skills, passionate about helping people rediscover and re-invent themselves and amazingly persistent in helping people find their true goals and holding them diligently to account. Trish has a natural ability to stay on track and remain focused especially when working with clients on goals and objectives. This focus becomes infectious and is the key to her many successful coaching assignments. With Trish it is not a flick or tick exercise. You never feel that you’re on your own when stretching towards challenging goals. In those tough moments Trish is always there to provide support and motivation. In our own accountability session Trish provides the support and encouragement I need to keep on track. I am grateful for the support and care Trish provides, and the deft and gentle way Trish holds me to account and helps me storm towards my potential. I recommend Trish to those seeking direction, support and motivation all wrapped up in a package of accountability.”

  • Identify where leaders are in their development journey, supporting them to step up to develop the business and their teams.
  • Coaching to build leadership awareness, confidence, and positive intelligence and emotional intelligence.
  • Reignite, reshape and reinvigorate: as your coach, I will support you to gain clarity re your future and be your partner to help you on the journey.
  • New skills developed & resourced with tools in:
    • Procrastination and Goal Setting
    • Managing your career and personal development in uncertain times
    • Motivation and mindset
    • Managing business expectations
    • Managing mental health and well-being
    • Time and energy management
    • Communication
    • Strategic thinking, planning & doing
    • Decision-making
    • Reconnecting with confidence
    • Handling difficult conversations
    • Building trust inside & outside
    • Influencing skills
Who is this program for?

For executives, general managers, managers, or owners who believe that investing in the development of themselves or their key people is crucial to their personal success and the success of the business.

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Trish Coleman

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