Authentic branding that stands for, and speaks to, the unique energy you bring to your clients and the world around you.

Join Strategist & Designer Bianca Taylor-Andrews in co-creating a refreshing brand identity for your business.

Following a 4-step immersive process, your branding engagement is designed to reinvigorate your passion for the work you do, build your confidence in promoting your business, and equip you with a brand identity that feels authentic and distinctive.

This program is ideal for those who resonate with any of the below:

  • You want to feel more confident in how you show up to your audience
  • You want to create a brand/visual identity that excites you
  • You want to stand out in your industry (you don’t want to look and feel the same as everyone else)
  • You’re excited by the idea of co-creating together
How it works

Every business is unique – so is every brand that represents it. Your package is completely customisable, but the process is always the same.


Our first step is to come together and take a deep dive into your business and current branding. Across 1-2 workshops filled with discussion, thought exercises and ideation, we’ll gain a deep understanding of where you’re at, and where you want to be.

We will collaborate on strategy, creative direction, and brand personality so that we can find the perfect recipe to combine your authenticity in a way that resonates with your ideal customer or client.

(Brand) Strategy:

From the insights of the discovery workshops, the next step is to develop your Brand Strategy: the master plan that will give you (and your team, if you have one) total clarity of where you stand as a brand.

From positioning, values and customer insights to brand character, communication style and visual aesthetic, your Brand Strategy will be the go-to resource to inform any brand and marketing initiatives. It also acts as the comprehensive creative brief to inform the next stage your branding project, design.


Depending on the package you’ve built, the design phase can include one or both of the below segments.

  • Verbal identity: The development of your brand tone of voice, brand taglines, positioning statement, word bank, and a handy guide for copywriting do’s and don’ts.
  • Visual identity: Your visual identity extends way past your logo. Things can get excitingly wild (or not) when you build a whole system around all the visual elements of your brand (things like fonts, colours, patterns, graphics, icons, and photography). How these all integrate is where the magic really happens.

The design phase is a direct response to the brand strategy, but also incorporates key sessions with you so concepts can be delivered contextually, and to also offer you the chance to collaborate and share feedback.


Once you’ve signed off on the design phase, all assets are packaged, and a Brand Guidelines document is created – an instructional document that showcases how to use (and not use) your new creative and copy consistently.

If you’ve opted to add additional deliverables to your package (like web design, business cards, email signatures or Canva templates etc), these are initiated during the delivery phase.


What is a brand identity? Don’t I just need a logo?

Just like our own identities as people extend well past our name, your logo is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your brand. The bulk of the magic lies underneath. Colours, fonts, graphics, illustration, photography – and how it all comes together across digital, web, print and in person experience – is what will truly elevate your brand.

Once I have my brand identity, what do I do with it?

The best part of the whole project is when I see my clients putting their new identity to good use, so I do my best to help them understand how to implement the new designs and assets into their most used platforms (usually print, website and socials).

If you’re hands-on with your marketing and sales, we can definitely add templates to your project deliverables in the platforms you know best (word, powerpoint, Canva etc).

How long does the overall process take?

3-months is usually the minimum timeframe, but it all depends on how easily we can integrate workshops and concept delivery meetings into your schedule, and it also depends on how long it takes to receive feedback before progressing to the next stage of the project.

Who needs to be involved in the process, from my end?

It is asked that all key decision makers be present for the workshops (in the discovery phase) and concept delivery meetings (in the design phase). From experience, if all stakeholders aren’t present at these key milestones there is a chance feedback can be misrepresented and misinterpreted – leading to delays, scope creep and budget blowout.

How many concepts do you present?

As part of the brand strategy development, we will explore ‘stylescapes’ which are like visual moodboards. Paired with all the information distilled in the strategy, we should have a very clear creative direction to pave the way for the design process.

The standard engagement offers 1 concept proposal, which is based off the approved moodboard and brand strategy. It explores the whole visual identity as a system, showcasing all brand elements in action with real-world mockups to help you envision the future rollout of the work.

If you would like more than 1 concept proposal, this is something you can request to be built in.

Do I get revisions?

Yes! But the idea is the whole process is collaborative, so nothing should come as a shock during any stage of the project. We build the strategy and creative brief together, which are both approved before moving to the design and messaging stage of the project.

To put it in more structure terms though, you have specific feedback invitations:

  • After the presentation of the brand strategy document
  • After the first concept proposal of your brand identity
  • A second round of feedback to further tweak the proposed concept
  • If you have requested additional deliverables as part of your project, revision rounds will be stated for each of these items in your project quote
How much will it cost?

Brand packages are completely customisable – so we can build a package that suits exactly what you’re after, so you don’t pay for what you don’t need!

Brand Strategy:
From $2990 + GST

Brand Identity Design:
From $4990 + GST

All-in-one package:
From $6490 + GST


“I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Bianca on several projects, and I can honestly say her ability to grasp the DNA of a business and translate it into world-class design, branding, and creative strategy is unparalleled.

What sets Bianca apart is her boundless creativity and her knack for blending it with commercial strategy. I’ve seldom encountered a designer who can do both as well as she does.

If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, I can’t recommend Bianca enough. She’ll undoubtedly add tremendous value, and her expertise will be an asset to your business.”

Joshua Chan
Marketing Strategist at Synnch


“Bianca has been a genuine gift throughout the rebranding (and really, birthing) process of my business. She has a truly incredible ability to understand your vision, and then convey that through design. It has been nothing short of heart-warming to see that not only come to life, but to be so well understood by the person I entrusted with my vision.”

Monique Jephcote
Founder of ‘Centre For Intuitive Eating’


“Bianca is likely to be one of the most passionate collaborators you could meet. The person you want working with you on a project who can help you to take an idea to a place you didn’t think possible and deliver incredible work as a result.”

Ben Whitmore
General Manager Sales & Marketing ModnPods

Every brand build is unique – your package is fully customisable depending on what you need. Listed below are the most common inclusions:

  • Brand Strategy: the go-to resource to inform any brand and marketing initiatives)
  • Brand Identity -visual component: logo, colours, fonts, illustration, graphics, patterns, icons etc
  • Brand Identity – verbal component: tone of voice, brand taglines and word bank, position statement or ‘about’ copy, service descriptions, do’s & don’t’s guide)
  • Brand Guidelines: simple instructions (and loads of examples) on how to implement your new visual & verbal identity
  • Additional deliverables:  such as custom web design, email signatures, business cards, document and presentation design, social media templates etc
Who is this program for?

For business owners and individuals who want to embrace their creativity, stand out in the market and feel energised and truly represented by their brand.

Meet your Brand Designer
Bianca Taylor-Andrews

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