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Want to attract and retain high-quality talent? This is the program for you.

To attract and retain high-quality talent, it is critical you listen to and understand what matters most to your employees, what you’re doing well, and what can be improved at a company level and in your local teams. That’s a lot to ask of leaders who are already run off their feet with other tasks. The Employee Engagement Survey (EES) was developed by Thryve Marketplace co-creators to combat this.

The Employment Engagement Survey will allow you to understand the current level of employee engagement and identify key themes and areas of opportunity available to ensure your business can continue to attract, develop and maintain talent throughout the employee lifecycle.

What’s different in our approach is that we do all the hard analytical stuff for you, so you can focus on listening, understanding, and responding to the sentiments and ideas of your people. And we train you on the skills that make all the difference in achieving great outcomes that stick.

Program outcomes
How it works

The Employment Engagement Survey is designed to be simple, efficient and effective. We only ask 5-minutes of each employee to complete their survey, and we find this is truly enough to get a good snapshot of where your employee sentiment lies. Here’s how the whole process works:

Discovery Process: we meet with you to understand your business drivers, challenges and where you want to be.

Surveying, Monitoring & Analysis: we work with you to run the survey, provide you with good communication guides, and then analyse the qualitative and quantitative survey data.

Present the results: we unpack the results with your leadership team and understand the why so we can develop communications back to your people.

Action planning: in a facilitated workshop, we will train your senior leaders in how to engage their teams to brainstorm improvement initiatives, decide on which to pursue, and determine roles & responsibilities for making these changes come to life.

How long will the overall process take?

Setting up the survey takes 1-2 weeks, and 2 weeks to run. Completing the survey will take employees approximately five minutes.

Following the close of the survey, we analyse and prepare all the results for you in no more than 2 weeks. We then present back the results and work with you on the action-planning workshop. Overall, we recommend allowing 8-12 weeks for achieving the most out of your EES.

How many employees do we need to make it work?

Employee Engagement Surveys create value for the business and its people when there is trust in confidentiality, listening and action. We start with businesses of more than 20 team members. We will break down feedback into departments, or teams of great than five.

How much will it cost?

Our standard survey starts at $6,500 no matter how big your business is. If you like to break up the business data by line of business or teams, or have more support from us, then we’ll discuss with you a range of cost-effective options.

We’re short on time—what extra support can you provide so we get the most out of this?

We can provide you with project management, as well as collating, supporting & communicating quick wins and action initiatives across the business. We can also provide your business leaders with individual or team coaching to ensure your business stands out as an employer.


“We’ve been working with the Thyrve team since 2018 and I engaged the team in 2022 to conduct our first employee engagement survey.

The purpose was to understand what matters most to our employees at an organisation and local business unit level.

It was a simple eight-week process, where Thryve did all the heavy lifting.

Thryve conducted the discovery meeting to understand our needs, built and launched the survey, analysed the data. They presented the qualitative and quantitative results back to the leadership team.

It allowed us to uncover the “why” highlighting key themes on what we do well and what we could improve. We also had a clear understanding of any potential employee retention issues.

Thryve provided guidance on how to share the organisation results and ran a train the trainer workshop on how to set up local action workshops.

These co-designing sessions allowed us to connect deeper with our teams and improve our ways of working.

Our business has benefited by developing a clear People and Culture strategy for 2023 to improve retention, morale, collaboration and teamwork.

I would highly recommend this program to other business leaders that have put this in the too hard basket, let Thryve come and do the heavy lifting for you.”

Paul Fagg | HR Manager, Jetbest Group Company
  • Employee engagement survey segmented by business areas & with organisational
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Understand the potential employee flight risk
  • Clear statement of your employee engagement goals
  • Enabling your people to have a voice in how their work environment is developed and improved
  • Engagement of your leaders in the process of improving employee engagement
  • Upskilling of you and your leaders in good practices in building engagement from the bottom up
  • An easy-to-use process that you can repeat annually
Who is this program for?

For Business Leaders who want to remain competitive in the employment market and continue to (or start to) successfully attract and retain skilled and engaged employees.

Meet your coaching team
Dan Wright
Alana McEwen

Ready to take the next step?

If you’re ready to dive in and get started, or just want to know more about how the Employee Engagement Survey would work for your business, reach out so we can share more information for you and your team.