Business Leaders Program

Empower your leaders, retain your best people, and build a company culture that promotes growth and success.

“How do I get my key staff and leaders to step up and own the opportunity, drive the future and grow with the business?”

This is a question Business Owners often ask us, as good staff become almost impossible to find. They’ve tried 1-day courses, but they won’t stick. They’ve tried team building—which was fun—but didn’t translate into results. Good, talented and trusted employees have felt overwhelmed, and some have even left.

So they asked us, “Can you work with me to develop my leaders with a personalised, quality program that is relevant to the hands-on business that we are?” We responded with the Thryve Business Leaders Program.

Program outcomes
How it works

The Business Leaders Program is built on international best practices in coaching & leadership development, and follows a simple 3-step implementation plan to get you the results you need. Here’s how it works:

A discovery process to understand your personal goals as a leader and the goals you have for the business and your people.

Co-design a coaching and leadership skills development program centred on your goals. We draw on a range of tools and process: surveys, behavioural assessments, individual and team coaching. We also provide you with professional management support so you can get on running your business.

Coaching engagement & upskilling of your leaders through a team of international accredited coaches who run & lead their own business and/or prior experience in corporate lead roles. We are business people who love to coach and support others to achieve their full potential. We know this as the source of sustainable business success.

How long is the Business Leaders Program?

Our programs are built around a 6-9 month cycle of leadership development. There are 6 x monthly coaching sessions for each participant. True leadership and personal development take time; our program is for owners and leaders who understand that.

What kind of development activities make up the program?

Thryve’s program is centred on 1 to 1 coaching. This creates a rare opportunity to focus not only on developing deep leadership and management skills, but to also create a space to be supported in challenges that are in front of leaders right now.

We support the coaching with business-wide skills development workshops. These workshops can be made open for the wider team–not just the leaders who are being coached. Thryve’s workshop facilitators bring in specialist knowledge and a passion to develop people. Recent workshops topics include: developing self-awareness, time management, delegation, coaching skills for leaders, communication & honest conversations inside & out.

Do you offer coaching online?

Yes, we do. We can offer in-person, online or a hybrid blend of coaching. Coaches can meet with staff onsite where there is a quiet and private space, or at an agreed alternative outside location.

What support will our developing leaders get outside the coaching?

Our coaches are available to support the coaches with a call or emails outside of dedicated sessions. We encourage all our Coachees to engage in this way. Thryve’s coaches are a fantastic resource that a developing business leader rarely gets an opportunity to have. At Thryve, we play as a team to support every business and every person we work with, and hope our Coachees will leverage the collective knowledge, experience and wisdom within our coaching community.

How long is each coaching session?

Our coaching session are 1.5 hours each. Part of the Coach’s role is to provide accountability for the Coachee to the commitments they make. We strongly encourage our Coachees to put their learning directly into practice between sessions.

How much will it cost?

Each of our programs are custom designed to match the investment the owner or leader wishes to make. ‘Coaching only’ programs start at $5,900 for a year, and this goes down as number of participants increase. All our coaches are internationally accredited and continually invest in their professional development to be a leader in their profession.

Want to know more? Email Dan to ask for a free copy of our BLP Program Guide. It’s packed with details on customisable syllabus options, client testimonials and indicative pricing.

  • Alignment of the development of your key people to your business vision
  • Identify where your leaders are in their development journey, supporting them to step up to develop the business and their teams
  • Coaching to build leadership awareness, confidence, and emotional intelligence
  • New skills developed & resourced with tools in:
    • time & energy management
    • strategic thinking, planning & doing
    • decision-making & communication skills
    • building & leading teams
    • handling difficult conversations
    • building trust inside & outside
  •  Transfer of people development knowledge & skills to yourself and your co-leaders.
Who is this program for?

For Business Leaders & Owners who believe that investing in the development of themselves and their co-leaders is key to the future business success.

Meet your coaching team
Dan Wright
Alana McEwen
Chris Barlow

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