Building Business Confidence

Step into your power as a purpose-driven Female Entrepreneur.

Are you a female entrepreneur starting your own business and looking for guidance, a boost to your self-image and some help identifying your strengths and potential for growth? Then this program is perfect for you.

Led by Martina Rios, this program will help you to boost your confidence, self-awareness, business acumen and strategic mindset to drive your new business into a successful future.

Across 8 individual 1-on-1 sessions, you will work with Martina to focus on areas that need the most attention depending on your situation, goals, and stage of business.

Program outcomes
How it works

Sessions can be scheduled either weekly or fortnightly to work around your busy schedule. Here’s how it works:

A discovery session: to assess your current level of business confidence, goals and self-image and mindset.

Program strategy: Martina will propose 8 areas of focus, which you will explore together across the 8 coaching sessions.

Coaching commences: work with Martina across your 8 sessions to boost your confidence as a female entrepreneur. Across each consultation expect to gain clarity, learn new skills, challenge your thinking, improve your communication skills, reflect honestly and openly and guidance on how to implement your new insights into action.

How is the Business Confidence Program delivered?

In one-to-one coaching format you will attend 8 x 60-min consultations in person (Gold Coast) or online. You will also have access to your coach and accountability partner via email for support seeking questions NS to help you achieve your in-between session goals. You will receive small weekly tasks or reflective activities to support you on the journey of building business confidence.

What progress can I expect during the program?

The more you put in the more you get out. Building confidence and resolving unconstructive thought patterns requires time for awareness and integration of new empowering belief systems. While during the sessions you will initiate these changes, it is in-between where you will practice application and see your progress. Your coach will guide you on your confidence building journey, celebrate your wins, and share insights to help you through the challenges.

On completion of the Confidence Building program, you have the option to continue the coaching relationship on a monthly retainer contract, tailored to your requirements.

How much will it cost?

$2400 + GST

  • Identify areas of low confidence and build your skills asset inventory
  • Assess your Growth Mindset and build a mindset for success
  • Overcome self-doubt, fear, imposter syndrome and procrastination
  • Step into the zone of optimal development by boosting your confidence level and areas of competence
  • Improve your communication skills and learn to tell your authentic brand story
  • Tools and frameworks to help you to overcome mindset challenges
  • Personal strategies to achieve your business goals
Who is this program for?

Purpose-driven Female Entrepreneurs who are just starting out, looking to boost their self-image and identify their strengths and growth zones.

Meet your coaching team
Martina Rios

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